• Professional 40X60 High Power Zoom HD Monocular Nanotechnology Telescope


      Explore the distant world With This Starscope 40X60 High Power Zoom HD Monocular Telescope Capture beauty and Share happiness with others Portable and compact 40X60 outdoor Starscope monocular is the perfect tool for birds searching, concert watching, golfing, climbing, fishing, attending sports events or even just view enjoying. The resolution angle is 20 times that of ordinary telescopes with the same…

    • Professional 4K 10-300X40mm Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Nanotechnology Super Telescope


      Nanotechnology Super Telescope 4k 10-300x40mm Super-Telephoto Zoom Monocular Telescope The telescope was invented by Johns Hopkins University and released on July 1. The purpose of this study is to achieve maximum magnification at the smallest effective aperture while ensuring the luminous flux and resolution angle of the telescope. This telescope is the first attempt to use nano-etching technology, nano-array technology, mesoporous…

    • Starscope Monocular – Professional High Power Zoom Monocular with Tripod & Smartphone Holder


      Looking for a way to take high-quality photos or videos anywhere and anytime? Nowadays Everyone wants to take high-quality photos or videos anytime and everywhere. The Starscope 40×60 Monocular offers you a high zoom factor. Best for taking distance pictures at a concert, sporting event, hiking, zoo, etc. Animal and Bird watchers like the zoom function, waterproof and BAK4 function. It’s easy-to-use and has a…

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